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What does it do?

The TRACT Warehouse Management System pushes your Warehouse control out onto the 'shop floor' via the dedicated App and the associated Management website.

What's involved?

Management Overview
Firstly there is the managers web site that provides an overview of all of your Warehouse Staff's activities with full logging on a per-user basis.

The Management website also provides for messaging your storemen as well as forcing unlocks or logouts if they go home without logging out of the App.

Secondly there is the TRACT WMS App for Android


All users of the App must be pre-authorised via the normal TRACT user control mechanisms.

The app lets your Warehouse Staff book goods in, manage stock putaways, run stock checks, move stock locations, capture product barcodes and all the other functions needed to run your warehouse.

Data entry can be via the onscreen keyboard or through voice commands (speech recognition).

The App can also integrate with inexpensive bluetooth barcode scanners to speed data entry and, if used by the supplier, even read EAN-128(GS1-128) barcodes that provide additional information like the BBF date and production codes.

The TRACT WMS App automatically sends data back to both the WMSWeb website and your TRACT system updating your records live so there's no need for paper based data capture and re-entry.

Communications between the App and your TRACT system is all performed via the LLS Cloud to preserve your system's security and the App can use WIFI or Mobile Data if there is no WIFI coverage in your store areas.

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